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Monday September 22, 2014

Posted by wingstar on September 23, 2014 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

I have several user requests to set up for China HSBC PMI Manufacturing at 9:45pm EDT.  Expected at 50.0 after a prior 50.2,  the requested trigger is .5 on AUDUSD.

Good Luck everybody!

Friday September 19th 2014

Posted by wingstar on September 18, 2014 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (0)

At 8:30 am EDT Canada will release Core CPI MoM.  Expected at .2 after a prior -.1,  I will set up on USDCAD with a trigger of .3

Good Luck Everybody!

Thursday September 18th 2014

Posted by wingstar on September 17, 2014 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

At 4:30 am EDT the UK will release Retail Sales.  Expected at .4 after a prior .1,  I will set up on GBPUSD with a trigger of .5 short and .8 long..  Keep in mind today is Referendum day in Scotland so the focus will not be on Retail Sales.

Andres was unable to gather any information regarding the Natural Gas trade at 10:30 am EDT so we will use our summer triggers of 5.

Good Luck Everybody!

Wednesday September 17th 2014

Posted by wingstar on September 16, 2014 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (4)

At 4:30 am EDT the UK will have several reports coming out which could each, by themselves, move the market with a significant deviaiton.  We would normall trade Unemployment claims, but today they will be released at the same time as the Interest rate vote results and the Asset Purchase Facility vote results.  Treat this as a volatility trade.  A straddle could get whipsawed if the data conflicts.

Still not ready to add US CPI to our trade plan until it starts becoming more sensitive.  Look for it at 8:30 am EDT.

Another opportunity for a volatility trade at 2:00pm EDT with the FOMC Statement and another at 2:30pm EDT with the FOMC news conference.

At 6:45pm EDT New Zealand will release GDP QoQ.  Expected at .6 after a prior 1.0, I will set up on NZDUSD with a trigger of .2

Good Luck Everybody!

Tuesday September 16th 2014

Posted by wingstar on September 15, 2014 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (0)

At 4:30 am EDT the UK will release CPI YoY.  Expected at 1.5 after a prior 1.6,  I will set up on GBPUSD with a trigger of .2.  ****Caution*** The pound is still under pressure prior to the Scottish referendum so short trades are favorable til the 18th.

At 5;00 am EDT Germany will release the ZEW report.   Expected at 5.2 after a prior 8.6,  I will set up on EURUSD with a trigger of 8.  

Good Luck Everybody!

Friday September 12, 2014

Posted by wingstar on September 12, 2014 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (1)

At 8:30 am EDT the US will release Core Retail Sales.  Expected at .2 after a prior .1, I will set up on USDJPY with a trigger of ,7

Good Luck Everybody!

Australia Employment Trade - Chat

Posted by wingstar on September 11, 2014 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Aussie Employment triggered long against a strong bearish trend.

(08:34 PM?) abu_3ekremah: hi

(08:35 PM?) hotforex_1_1: hello

(09:17 PM?) agonzalez: y

(09:17 PM?) edmon11: y

(09:17 PM?) vlamor3: yes

(09:17 PM?) netpay: Y

(09:18 PM?) akintinoyea: y

(09:18 PM?) daniel1337: <3

(09:19 PM?) Rah2012: is the autoclick connected?

(09:19 PM?) Rah2012: seeing 0 ping

Piggyback News Trading: I have 14 connections

Piggyback News Trading: 0 ping is good

Piggyback News Trading: real close

Piggyback News Trading: Rah, you should see HEL and possibly some odd characters in your message box

(09:21 PM?) OmarA119: I connect it 1 min before the release

(09:24 PM?) Rah2012: i dont understand

(09:24 PM?) Rah2012: HEL?

(09:25 PM?) Rah2012: yes it says connected

(09:28 PM?) Kikker Jr: this "HEL" reminds me a joke: in the beginning was the "wo", and "rd" came later

(09:30 PM?) agonzalez: 106

(09:30 PM?) edmon11: still delay glenn

(09:31 PM?) sunlounger_fx: I closed and then hear the big number

(09:31 PM?) sunlounger_fx: damn it

(09:31 PM?) sunlounger_fx: and why the hell it doesnt go up

(09:31 PM?) sunlounger_fx: it is retracing lol

(09:31 PM?) agonzalez: for me it was before the data

(09:31 PM?) edmon11: at least 2 second delay

(09:32 PM?) sunlounger_fx: took some pips on futures

(09:32 PM?) ocioci: 91927 axi, closed at 91998

(09:32 PM?) sunlounger_fx: less than 10 ticks on average

(09:33 PM?) ocioci: sunlounger what was the trigger price?

(09:33 PM?) abbey64: had to bail with small profit filled at end of spike

(09:33 PM?) agonzalez: filled at 0.9194, out at break even

(09:33 PM?) akintinoyea: no trade

(09:33 PM?) akintinoyea: ?

(09:33 PM?) sunlounger_fx: 9184

(09:33 PM?) Kikker Jr: 0.9201

(09:33 PM?) agonzalez: at the top of the spike

(09:33 PM?) sunlounger_fx: exit at 92 and 94

(09:34 PM?) Kikker Jr: what might we expext on the top? amy suggestion?

(09:34 PM?) ocioci: wow 9184 is good, if the prices are the same

(09:35 PM?) edmon11: very huge deviation

(09:35 PM?) sunlounger_fx: I used 3 autoclickers, SNW, FNG and Glenns autoclick

(09:35 PM?) sunlounger_fx:

(09:35 PM?) abbey64: back in the day with this deviation we would have made bank

(09:35 PM?) sunlounger_fx: I dont know

(09:35 PM?) sunlounger_fx: no way to measure that

(09:36 PM?) sunlounger_fx: I forgot to record a video today

(09:36 PM?) sunlounger_fx: everytime I am recording

(09:36 PM?) sunlounger_fx: but today forgot

(09:36 PM?) Kikker Jr: you think, let it run for a day now?

(09:36 PM?) PipStar: anyone noticed the delay?

(09:37 PM?) netpay: 0.9189

(09:37 PM?) sunlounger_fx: the fill is ok, but taking just 8 ticks

(09:37 PM?) agonzalez: yes for me spike was before the data Pipstar

(09:37 PM?) sunlounger_fx: this is ridicolous

(09:38 PM?) ocioci: the delay was smt like 3 seconds

(09:38 PM?) sunlounger_fx: the problem is that I didn't saw the number, just saw my profit and that market was moving slowly and hit the close button

(09:38 PM?) sunlounger_fx: there is always delay

(09:38 PM?) sunlounger_fx: but usualy on big deviation there are laggards behind you

(09:38 PM?) sunlounger_fx: so the trick is to take your peace and run

(09:39 PM?) sunlounger_fx: the delay is for everybody

(09:39 PM?) akchukwu: IT WONT PUSH TOO FAR


(09:39 PM?) akchukwu: AFTER A PULL BACK

(09:42 PM?) ocioci: i think next month we'll get triggered again

(09:42 PM?) PipStar: the price was 0.9178 when data came out as per my recording so it does not appear to have spiked before news apart from the whipsaw down/up

(09:42 PM?) sunlounger_fx: guys do you know a broker which has a guaranteed execution for the stop loss at news time


(09:42 PM?) PipStar: but news was 6 seconds late

(09:42 PM?) ocioci: sunlounger, it's impossible

(09:42 PM?) netpay: FNG was out 4 sec after

(09:43 PM?) sunlounger_fx: my order is recieved 4seconds after the release

(09:43 PM?) PipStar: clock time may difffer if you dont update it

(09:43 PM?) sunlounger_fx: so the delay has been exactly 4 seconds

(09:44 PM?) edmon11: so it means my broker slipped me very much

(09:44 PM?) Christian Kluge: in 0.9190 out at 0.91979

(09:44 PM?) ocioci: maybe fng was 4seconds, it was 3.6 for me but i use glenn's autoclick and fng together

(09:44 PM?) Christian Kluge: with straddle

(09:44 PM?) sunlounger_fx: as I said I used 3 autoclickers

(09:44 PM?) PipStar: spike at news was actually 13 pips

(09:44 PM?) sunlounger_fx: glenn+fng+snw

(09:44 PM?) PipStar: from 0.9178 to 0.9191

(09:45 PM?) PipStar: thats why some got filled end spike

(09:45 PM?) sunlounger_fx: my order has been recieved 4s after the release

(09:46 PM?) PipStar: i recorded it so 13 pips spike small

(09:46 PM?) sunlounger_fx: my platform has this option

(09:46 PM?) sunlounger_fx: to see the time

(09:46 PM?) sunlounger_fx: it is a futures account

(09:46 PM?) PipStar: whipsaw before news glen

(09:47 PM?) akchukwu: YOU ARE RIGHT

(09:47 PM?) PipStar: i am talking 1 second spike


(09:47 PM?) sunlounger_fx: so anyone

(09:47 PM?) ocioci: thanks glenn

(09:47 PM?) sunlounger_fx: can recomend me a broker

(09:47 PM?) sunlounger_fx: which is good for straddle

(09:47 PM?) agonzalez: Thanks Glenn, see you tomorrow!

(09:47 PM?) sunlounger_fx: I need 2 actualy

(09:47 PM?) edmon11: thanks glenn

(09:48 PM?) sunlounger_fx: ?

(09:50 PM?) Kikker Jr: my journal says recieved response from BROKER in 29094 milliseconds

(09:53 PM?) Kikker Jr: I didnt notice on m1 how it payed around PP resistance level; it was worth to close @0.9214 soon

(09:53 PM?) sunlounger_fx: lol good for you that you holded till 921

(09:54 PM?) sunlounger_fx: 9214

(09:54 PM?) sunlounger_fx: I closed at 9192

(09:54 PM?) sunlounger_fx: +8ticks

(09:54 PM?) sunlounger_fx: that sucks

Thursday September 11, 2014

Posted by wingstar on September 10, 2014 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Andres has provided the following analysis of the Natural Gas trade at 10:30 am EDT:


This is an early view of Energy Metro Desk from yesterday morning which is based on 16 estimates:


Previous: 79 Bcf

Expected: Tomorrow.

Range: 29 Bcf

High estimate: 94 Bcf

Low estimate: 65 Bcf

Average: 85.4 Bcf

Standard deviation: 8 Bcf


My triggers are +-5.

Good Luck Everybody!

Wednesday September 10, 2014

Posted by wingstar on September 9, 2014 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (1)

At 5:00 pm EDT New Zealand will release their Interest Rate Decision and statement.  Expected to hold at 3.50%,  I will set up on NZDUSD with a trigger of .25

At 9:30 pm EDT Australia will release Employment Change and Unemployment rate.  We will trade the change.  Expected at 15.2K after a prior 0,3K,  I will set up on AUDUSD with a trigger of 15K,

Good Luck Everybody!

Tuesday September 9th 2014

Posted by wingstar on September 8, 2014 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (0)

I have a user request to set up for UK Manufacturing Production at 4:30 am EDT.  Expected at ,3 after a prior .3, The reference currency is GBPUSD and the requested trigger is .7

(Editorial) I would only take short trades on this pair until September 18th when the Scottish referendum to remain or leave the UK will be decided.

Good Luck Everybody!



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